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PrevenTips: CAMBRA for All

What is CAMBRA?

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PrevenTips: Dandy Candy

A sweetener that could help your smile and tastes great!

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PrevenTips: Eat Like a Sailor

Popeye was right; spinach can make your teeth stronger!

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PrevenTips: Chew it

For a cleaner mouth, gum is a good option when brushing isn't!

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PrevenTips: Go Nuts

Nuts are a tooth-friendly snack!

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PrevenTips: Cheese Please

Cheese can help prevent tooth decay!

Disease Management Impact

How has practicing disease management changed you as a clinician?

The DentaQuest Institute Online Learning Center is a hub of learning and resources for dental care professionals interested in the prevention and disease management protocols that we practice at the Institute through our Oral Health Center.

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AnP Team Co-Chairs Academy Health Oral Health Webinar

DentaQuest Institute’s Dr. Natalia Chalmers co-chaired an Academy Health Oral Health webinar with the ADA’s Dr. Marko Vujicic on January 24, 2017. Policy experts discussed what dental care might l…

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Safety Net Solutions Hosts Group Training

Last month the DentaQuest Institute’s Safety Net Solutions program partnered with the St. David’s Foundation to conduct an in-person group training for their Healthy Smiles Central Texas initiativ…

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Safety Net University Has Launched!

Last year the DentaQuest Institute’s Safety Net Solutions Program hosted a Safety Net University (SNU) Spring Summit in Washington, D.C. This summit brought together a variety of stakeholders to dis…

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