Board & Officers

Board & Officers

Board Members for 2015

Dr. Craig Amundson, DDS

Health Partners

Dr. Jessica Lee, PhD, DDS, MPH

University of North Carolina

Dr. Rob Compton, DDS (President)

DentaQuest Institute and DentaQuest Oral Health Center

Dr. Roderick K. King, MD

Florida Public Health Institute

James Collins

DentaQuest LLC

Ralph Fuccillo (Chair)

DentaQuest, LLC and DentaQuest Foundation

Steve Pollock, JD

DentaQuest, LLC

Officers for 2015

Greg Winn, MBA (Treasurer)

DentaQuest, LLC

Jim Hawkins, JD (Clerk)

DentaQuest, LLC



The DentaQuest Institute is committed to improving oral health care for all. We are a national, non-profit organization providing clinical care and practice management solutions that help providers improve oral health.

We work with clinical partners across the country to develop and implement more effective approaches to prevent and manage oral disease.