DentaQuest Institute Names 2013 Safety Net Solutions Centers of Excellence

DentaQuest Institute Names 2013 Safety Net Solutions Centers of Excellence

The DentaQuest Institute named five organizations their 2013 Safety Net Solutions Centers of Excellence for their commitment to providing high-quality care to their patients, displaying leadership and excellence in practice management and improving the oral health of their communities. Each year, the Safety Net Solutions (SNS) program partners with dental clinics across the country serving uninsured and underinsured populations to provide customized technical assistance and practice management consulting.

“We are thrilled to honor our partners who have made tremendous strides to protect, promote and enhance the oral health of their patients,” said Dr. Mark Doherty, executive director of Safety Net Solutions. “This year’s DentaQuest Institute Centers of Excellence should be proud of their accomplishments for distinguishing themselves as leaders in community-based oral health.”

Since 2010, the Institute has honored up to five programs each year that have improved access and quality of health care. This year’s recipients include:


  • Dorchester House Multi-Service Center, a clinic in Dorchester, MA whose dental program, under new leadership, has restored and improved its productivity, clinical quality outcomes and financial health in the past year.

North Carolina

  • CommWell Health, a clinic in Dunn, NC that, after implementing recommendations from Safety Net Solutions to enhance the practice, significantly improved their financial situation and began tracking and exceeding goals for important quality outcomes indicators.


  • Ohio State University, Nisonger Dental Program, a clinic in Columbus, OH that expanded their mission to serve young low-income children and developmentally disabled children by increasing the number of patient visits and completing more patient treatment plans.


  • Sadler Health Center, a clinic in Carlisle, PA that made significant strides in integrating their oral health services with their medical services, as well as increaseing operational efficiences within the dental department.
  • Southeast Lancaster Health Center, a clinic in Lancaster, PA that made drastic improvements to their financial sustainability and operational efficiency in the first 6 months after implementing recommendations from SNS .

The honorees were challenged to institute changes in their practice management to increase access, promote financial sustainability and improve oral health outcomes. Safety Net Solutions works with dental clinics to implement processes that increase gross charges, net revenue, and overall visits and decrease expenses and “no-shows”.  Evaluations have shown that each of this year’s honorees have successfully attained the majority of their stated goals.



The DentaQuest Institute is committed to improving oral health care for all. We are a national, non-profit organization providing clinical care and practice management solutions that help providers improve oral health.

We work with clinical partners across the country to develop and implement more effective approaches to prevent and manage oral disease.