Leader Profiles

Leader Profiles

Oral health leaders share their personal experiences about practicing prevention and disease management, or working to advance the prevention-focused model in the oral health industry.  Highlights from each video are listed below.


Biyi Ogunjimi, DDS, MPH

Improvement Consultant, DentaQuest Oral Health Center

Biyi discusses the integration of oral health into medical care, he shares examples of how preventive care can restore teeth back to good health, and talks about working at the DentaQuest Oral Health Center.


Brian Nový, DDS, FADI

Director of Practice Improvement, DentaQuest Institute

Listen as Brian talks about changes in the oral health industry and real ways that prevention can make a difference.  Brian also discusses evidence-based dentistry and the need to re-think the way dentistry is currently done.  Dentistry should be a "healing art".


Rob Compton, DDS

Former Executive Director, DentaQuest Institute

Rob's extensive career in clinical practice and dental management is apparent as he talks about topics like innovation in dentistry and the future direction of the oral health care system.


Bob Russell, DDS, MPH

Public Health Dental Director, Chief Oral & Health Delivery Systems, Iowa Dept. of Public Health

A true visionary, Bob explains the importance of developing a medical model of care and the implementation of primary care and dental thinking and theory.


Marty Lieberman, DDS

Dental Director, Neighborcare Health Seattle, WA

Marty describes how using the CAMBRA risk management tool and self-management goal setting empowered patients to take a more active role in their oral health and the health of their families.


Andrea Dickhaut, RDH, MHA

Practice Administrator, DentaQuest Institute

Andrea explains the critical role that hygienists play in prevention and disease management.  She also shares success stories and strategies for creating a culture of prevention in practice.


Man Wai Ng, DDS, MPH

Children's Hospital Boston

In her work at the Boston Children's Hospital, Man Wai has seen first hand how prevention can make a difference in children's oral outcomes.  Listen as she shares the history of how prevention and evidence-based dentistry was implemented.


Homa Amini, DDS, MPH, MS

Nationwide Children’s Hospital

Homa discusses the use of disease management to reverse dental caries disease.  She shares how working in partnership with the caregiver can make a huge difference in the oral outcomes of the child.


Amy Nagai, DDS

University at Buffalo

Amy shares her experiences in pediatric practice and tells the story of how the use of prevention protocols has spread in ways not anticipated.  She also references her work with the Early Childhood Caries (ECC) collaborative.