Analytics and Evaluation

Analytics and Evaluation

Analytics and Evaluation focuses on transforming data and information into knowledge about effective and efficient care and how that knowledge can be used to improve the care system and better inform policy and financing of care. Our intention is to be a thought leader in oral health systems change and a source of knowledge for providers, policy makers, and advocates of oral health care. We are working closely with external researchers, internal program staff and external authors to coordinate the development of publications.

We first focus on broad questions and seek to drill down on data to answer crucial questions about the future of oral health care. Many times the analysis supports predictions, but occasionally it produces results that were not anticipated. This leads to additional questions that can be explored. Occasionally this produces knowledge that you never thought to analyze the data for—this excites us!

The Analytics and Evaluation team uses national data sources to compare trends in the care delivery system and the systems that impact care delivery. Analysis of data such as utilization of dental services, as seen in the graphic below, allows us to identify the gaps in care and create programs to focus on the areas where improvement is needed.

Sealant Utilization

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