Improvement Model

Improvement Model

A Proven Model for Systems Improvement

The Safety Net Solutions Improvement Model creates a balance between access to care and a dental program’s health as a business.

Safety Net Solutions uses this direct, systematic model in collaboration with executive, dental and administrative leadership to build an individualized strategic improvement plan to address each practice’s needs.

The Safety Net Solutions Improvement Model employs these steps:

  1. Practice Analysis — an in-depth practice management survey and review of key practice data, followed by a site visit
  2. Findings and Discussion — an open, collaborative discussion with executive and dental leadership, as well as program staff
  3. Practice Improvement Plan — an individualized improvement guide that moves the program toward sustainability
  4. Supported Implementation — ongoing guidance and refinement of the improvement plan with continuous access to Safety Net Solutions

Programs that have employed the Safety Net Solutions Improvement Model have learned how to successfully balance mission and business, leading to dramatic increases in efficiency, access, revenue and long-term sustainability.