SNS Client Testimonials

SNS Client Testimonials

"Meaningful, productive, efficient, and very engaging experience from beginning to end. Dr. Doherty delivers his message with great confidence and ease - full of facts, always passionate, and so very entertaining. Smart, real engaging - gives his all every minute he's at your site. Rare opportunity and very grateful to be selected to be taught by the Master himself. His staff are exceptional."
--Brenda Dowlatshahi, COO, Tri-County Community Action Agency, Rhode Island

"One of the most positive and competent site visits we have had in several years."
--Joe DeSantis President/CEO, Tri-County Community Action Agency, Rhode Island

"No doubt in my mind, this visit will keep us moving forward efficiently and effectively, meeting the needs of all!!!"
-- Katy Murray, AVP Corporate Compliance/QM, Community Treatment Inc., Missouri

"Your guidance over the past 2.5 years has taught me so much about the practice of Dentistry, and more importantly, it helped us improve and expand the dental program, strategically and wisely. I fully intend on carrying the best practices and lesson I learned working with each of you throughout my future career as a physician."
--Ryan Woodson, MPH, Former Program Manager, Integrative Medicine, Dental & Special Clinical Projects, Venice Family Clinic, California

"Thank you for giving me my MBA as a dental director."
--Dr. Dominic Caluori, Dental Director, Santa Barbara Neighborhood Clinics, California