Interprofessional Practice (IPP)

Dr. Sean Boynes talks to NPR radio about the Challenges Of Rural Dental Care. Click here to listen.

The aim of the IPP Group at DQI is to address health disparities through the integration of oral health into primary care practice and the development of dependable and comprehensive oral health care pathways.  

DQI works to aide in both the integration of oral health in primary care practice, as well as the coordination of care with dental partners. 

Also recognizing the relationship between IPP, the triple aim, and value-based care, DQI employs various methodologies to achieve a cohesive oral health IPP system.  The goals for these systems include:

  • An operational structure that is easily managed by provider teams 
  • Care pathways and health technology that is easily navigated by consumers
  • Quality-based operations that effectively link care models with financial, personalized, and population health information. 

DQI’s IPP Group has partnered with 3 states to understand more about how interprofessional practice can be achieved in rural environments.