Danielle Apostolon has been the Senior Technical Assistance Project Manager for the DentaQuest Institute’s Safety Net Solutions (SNS) initiative since 2008. In this role, she performs in-depth practice analyses of dental clinic management and operations, develops summaries of findings and recommendations, and creates step-by-step improvement plans for her clients.

Caroline Darcy is a Technical Assistance Project Manager for Safety Net Solutions (SNS). She oversees the data collection and analysis process, and develops findings, recommendations and enhancement plans for safety net clinics. Caroline also offers support to dental programs during the implementation phase of the practice enhancement process, providing sample policies, individualized financial/productivity goals, business plans, job descriptions, coaching and motivation.

Dori Bingham assists the Executive Director in overseeing all phases of the SNS project and provides day-to-day support to the SNS team and clients. Dori participates actively in the practice assessment process, including data analysis, site visits and the development of findings and recommendations. She works closely with clients throughout the implementation process, providing support, coaching and help in problem-solving. Dori also coordinates other SNS technical assistance projects such as feasibility studies and new dental start-ups.

Dr. Doherty joined the DentaQuest Institute in 2005 as Director of the Institute’s Safety Net Solutions (SNS) program. Dr. Doherty provides leadership and direction for the technical assistance consulting projects and regional trainings, ensuring that the program's work is of the highest caliber. Under his direction, the program has grown from a pilot in three New England community health centers to a nation program serving over 450 safety net dental programs across the United States. Dr.