Keys to Success - Released March 2016

Motivating and Managing Staff for Success

by Danielle Apostolon, Senior SNS Project Manager

Hiring the right staff is a key factor to building a successful safety net dental practice. Recruiting providers and staff can be challenging and once you find the right person it is important to make sure they are satisfied and stay motivated! Programs with leadership who foster open communication, pay attention to staff morale, and provide feedback will be better poised to implement change and achieve their goals. Effective leaders set roles, goals and expectations for each individual staff member and for the dental department as a whole.

Celebrating ECC Collaborative Faculty Chair

Sometimes it seems as though our patients don’t grasp the basic concept of home care. Other times our patients with impeccable hygiene develop rampant decay, and we feel helpless because we can’t figure out what’s going on. The mouth is a remarkable environment that cariologists are finally beginning to understand, and so can you. Come learn everything you didn’t know about plaque and the amazing organisms that make the mouth a wonderful place to work.

This module will take a look at your vital role as a general dentist in preventing Early Childhood Caries, or ECC. You’ll learn about the benefits of including young children in your dental practice and how to empower parents and caregivers to manage ECC at home. You’ll also better understand the benefits of xylitol, not just for your youngest patients, but for their families as well. By the end of the module, you’ll feel comfortable performing a young child’s first oral health exam and understand how to create a child-friendly dental practice.

In this course we discuss the concept of designing schedules strategically and what elements of the practice should be positively affected, identify what can be done when a practice’s current schedule does not allow for financial viability, and understand the process of defining and improving current metrics related to scheduling.

In Module 6: Managing Chaos in the Dental Program, you will gain a deeper understanding of why no-show and emergency patients can be one of the largest barriers to a productive dental practice. We review effective policies and procedures for managing no-show and emergency patients and discuss best practices used in safety net dental programs to ensure that no-show and emergency patients do not cause chaos in your dental program.