"Interprofessional Practice” is a comprehensive treatment plan through which professionals in all areas of healthcare work together for the good of the patient, providing integrated care. In this online learning module, you’ll learn about oral health’s role in integrated care, the current methodology for implementing integrated care in your own practice, and how interprofessionalism can not only improve quality of care but also create financial sustainability.

Keys to Success - Released October 2016

Using Data to Manage for Success in Safety Net Dental Programs

by Danielle Apostolon, Senior SNS Project Manager

Creating, maintaining and managing an efficient and effective safety net dental program is a continuous quality improvement process. The environment in which safety net dental programs operate is dynamic and ever-changing, and programs need to be adept at quickly identifying and responding to new challenges and opportunities. The way to do this is by continuously monitoring dental program performance and responding immediately to negative trends or new challenges to the successful attainment of program goals.

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